References, reflections and studies capture the thinking, making and design stages within the studio

In the Studio: Staircase joinery detail 
—Staircase joinery detail using maple faced poplar, located in our new Golden Lane office.
In the Studio: Paper model 
—Paper model developed in our studio for a residential tower in East London
On Site: Pier inspection 
—Pre-site delivery inspection of piers forming the base of the different buildings on plots NE02 and NE03 within the Wembley Park North East Lands development
In Progress: Acts of Assembly 
—Our model of Malmö Stadsteater Hippodromen on its way to Prague for the 15th Quadrennial. It's part of the Performance Space Exhibition which explores how theatres and performance spaces operate as acts of assembly and sites for community: creating connections, facilitating encounters, and functioning as sites for social action and the making of culture
In Progress: Colour palette 
—Sketch for an in situ artwork by Alison Turnbull at Pembroke College Cambridge. The design is inspired by the College's Waterhouse staircase while the colour palette draws from their Mineral Collection
On Site: Strip out 
—As the strip out continues at Theatr Clwyd elements of the building, such as the concrete raker of the Anthony Hopkins Theatre, are being exposed and made visible for the first time in nearly 50 years
On Site: Gatehouse construction 
—Pembroke College Gatehouse taking shape, with phase one due for completion in the summer
In Progress: Front of house lighting 
—Painted butterfly light shades for front of house spaces at Malmö Stadsteater
On Site: Internal demolition 
—Warburg Renaissance phase one internal demolition works; making way for the growing collections. The library remains open while the project progresses onsite, with completion expected at the end of 2023
In Progress: Panel review 
—Reviewing the first 100 precast concrete façade panels in the factory. Around 1700 panels will be made for our plots within the Wembley North East Lands development. Here we can see slight variations in tone between the different building blocks
In the Studio: Cyanotype workshop 
—Making images in the studio with iron compounds, paper and UV light
On Site: Domed auditorium 
—The domed auditorium at Malmö Stadsteater nears completion. Seating 510, with space for a further 240 standing, it opens with A Midsummer Night's Dream in February 2023
In Progress: Facade mock up 
—Mocking up the placement for some of the 240 barn door lights planned for The Old Vic facade
In the Studio: Lighting design 
—Developing a prototype for interior lighting design
On Site: Precast panels 
—Precast concrete panel detail, part of a 1:1 scale mock-up at Wembley North East Lands. Assembled off site, these form a vital stage in benchmarking the concrete finishes. The elevational treatments at the development feature of a mixture of panel designs
In Progress: Mortar selection 
—Selecting dry silo mix natural mortars with the planners for our Wood Street project in Waltham Forest. The bricks and precast have been chosen to emulate the old library building previously on this site, features of which will be reused in the facade
Study Trip: Building tour 
—Building tours are part of our studio calendar: both visiting work by other architects, and taking them around ours. Here at Sergison Bates' Hampstead mansion block
On Site: Material reuse 
—Fit out has commenced within 6 Mill Lane on our Cambridge project for Pembroke College. Where possible we are reusing the existing materials within the space, including using existing shelving as backing material for the new services in the cafe
In Progress: Mock-up 
—Visiting Sapphire Balconies R&D space to inspect a full scale mock-up balcony, as part of our Wembley Park project. This gave us an opportunity to agree key details and junctions, including how the balcony meets the precast façade
On Site: Aerial ramp 
—Steelwork complete for the helical ramp at Barking Industra
Awards: AJ100 
—Haworth Tompkins has been named AJ100 Practice of the Year 2022, for the second time in three years. AJ's Emily Booth said: "Judges were fulsome in their praise of the practice, the overwhelming winner of this year’s AJ100 Practice of the Year accolade. ‘It’s a forward-thinking, genuine practice and a well-deserving winner – impressive on all fronts,’ they enthused. No stranger to the Practice of the Year award (the studio won in 2020, when it was also named New Member of the Year), Haworth Tompkins has proclaimed a ‘bumper’ 30th anniversary year, with turnover increasing from £7 million to £10 million and its headcount of qualified architects rising from 53 to 62. Quite simply, as our judges said: ‘It’s a comprehensive approach to practice management and excellence.’"
In the Studio: Photographing massing model 
—Jonni Woo and Ellie Sampson photographing a finnboard, card and foam massing model at our Kentish Town studio
In Progress: Public consultation 
—Building on a series of co-design events, we invited the community to help develop ideas for the Gourley Triangle site in Tottenham at a public consultation event led by Haringey Council. Discussions focussed on the design of new public spaces, opportunities for new creative workspace and commercial space, and mechanisms for retaining and enhancing the historic character of the site
On Site: Barking Industria 
—The galvanised steel construction of the helical ramp is now complete, with the north block frame fast approaching. The ramp will enable access to the Flatted Factory and SME units making up this stacked, industrial development
In Progress: Prototype workspace 
—Our high performing workspace provides a flexible framework that intensifies and unlocks an industrial site in Enfield. The building is a vibrant ecosystem which accommodates existing light industrial businesses and attracts new or growing start ups to the area. There are ‘lock up and leave’ units at ground floor accessed via a vehicle yard; dynamic co-working spaces at second and third floor; and rentable hydroponic greenhouses at roof level
On Site: Tracking progress 
—Progress in Cambridge for the Pembroke College, Mill Lane Development, with the exposed oak glulam frame, CLT deck and facing brickwork beginning to emerge on site
Report: Performing Arts 
—We have been immersed in thinking about, talking about, designing and experiencing performing arts buildings for three decades now, working with many of the world’s most influential show makers. Here is a publication looking at our approach to these projects. Click on the link, or the arrow, to view
On Site: Cut concrete slab 
—Concrete slab cut to create a new opening for the stair at King's House - reconfiguring the circulation has been key in making the building suitable for use by King's Cross Church. We have retained as much as possible of the existing building fabric, and left edges such as this exposed telling part of the story of the building's history
On Site: Mornings on site 
—The precast facades of our blocks at Blackwall Reach are almost all installed, with interior work ongoing for completion later this year
On Site: Improving acoustics 
—Improving the acoustics in the Malmö Stadsteater auditorium, which is housed in a space with a high, domed roof. The existing acoustic cylinders were removed, followed by the installation of folding acoustic panels, fitted into the spaces between the beams and joists, each panel cut to a unique shape to allow for the curved shape of the dome