References, reflections and studies capture the thinking, making and design stages within the studio

On Site: Stencilling on site 
—Fox stencil graffiti, popping up all over Fish Island Village
On Site: Maydew House strip out 
—Base of the Maydew House tower in Southwark, stripped out and ready for refurbishment
On Site: East London Metalwork 
—Powder coated aluminium metalwork detail from our Gardner Close project in Wanstead, due to complete later this month
On Site: Cast-in signage 
—Signage for Fish Island Village of board-marked concrete made from vertical rough sawn timbers. The indented lettering is cast-in using chamfered forms.
In the Studio: Cardboard testing 
—A contemporary interpretation of a rosary window for The Lighthouse. Testing out the modules of the design in cardboard
On Site: Precast facade panels 
—Precast facade panels in the factory. These are fully produced off-site, including brickwork and windows, at Decomo in Belgium. Installation started at Blackwall Reach in east London earlier this month
In Progress: Sketching for Theatr Clwyd 
—Theatr Clwyd ground floor sketches: Procreate over Lumion renders from the Revit model
Report: Disruptive Experimentation 
—This publication explores our process of retrofitting Kingston School of Art’s Mill Street Building. With its well preserved concrete and brick exterior, and fully functioning but inefficiently organised workshop spaces, this factory-like building proved the perfect starting point for a programme of adaptive re-use. (download report)
In the Studio: Photographing models 
—Photographing updates to our model for The Warburg Institute
On Site: Aerial auditorium 
—Work continues in the at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane ahead of the opening in the New Year
In Progress: Early massing for Kingswood 
—Early massing studies for our Legal and General Kingswood project. Clusters of 4-6 dwellings, pictured, establish a more informal, landscape-led northern boundary to the listed building, creating a sense of community
On Site: Fish Island arches 
—Beginning to get a sense of the double-height entrance space to one of our five buildings in Fish Island Phase 3. Arched openings will continue along the façade to form the windows of the adjacent gallery space
From The Archive: Everyman facade planning 
—Facade planning process for Liverpool Everyman Theatre, using Dan Kenyon's portraits of people from across the city. The images were then cut from aluminium plates using water jet technology to create a functional shutter screen to provide light and shade to the building
On Site: How can we gather? 
—The flexible auditorium at the Bridge Theatre lends itself to a new seating arrangement. This layout allows for 250 socially distanced seats in clusters of 1-3, allowing audiences to come back to live theatre. Shown here - a production of An Evening with an Immigrant about to begin
In the Studio: Pembroke College model 
—This 1/50 model of our scheme for Pembroke College, Cambridge is over one metre long. For ease of transportation, it is constructed using layers of ply and birch veneer with a foam board core.
On Site: Fish Island Phase 3 
—Work is progressing at Fish Island Village Ph3 in Hackney Wick, on the Hertford Union Canal. The brickwork is approaching roof level for two of the buildings, with the structure of the other blocks in this phase now almost complete
On Site: Auditorium Balcony 
—Construction is continuing at Theatre Royal Drury Lane. At balcony level, the timber structure to support the new seating is being installed, ahead of the opening early next year
On Site: Blackwall Reach 
—The structure of our two blocks at Blackwall Reach in Poplar topped out earlier this year. Looking north from the intersection of Cotton Street and Poplar High Street, the cranked massing and setbacks visually reduce the length and volume of the facades, while also allowing access to Millennium Green.
On Site: Staircases 
—Newly created lobby from the Wyatt stair at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane site, which is currently closed. These new routes improve access to the upper levels; patrons with tickets for balcony seats can now enter via the foyer rather than directly from the street
From The Archive: Royal Court model 
—1:25 model of the Royal Court auditorium from 1999
In the Studio: Team meeting 
—Theatr Clwyd team meeting at our studio in Kentish Town - Part I to Associate Director
On Site: Theatre Royal Drury Lane 
—Spotted in Covent Garden, a fox ambling round the Theatre Royal site
Study Trip: Bench Making 
—Elizabeth and Hannah from Haworth Tompkins went to a furniture making session in the Benchmark workshop. Taking part in every step of the process, from picking the wood, planing and sanding the timber, preparing and gluing the legs, to sealing the finished product, they created small, sturdy oak benches
In the Studio: Model making 
—Haworth Tompkins' model maker, Ellie Sampson, working on a 1/250 woodblock massing model of a project for Network Homes, for a public consultation
Study Trip: Ghent University Library 
—A delicate insertion wrapping the periphery of the existing Physics Hall, the perforated, powder-coated steel structure allows for connectivity between the bookstacks and the open reading hall below. All of the elements were prefabricated, and bolt together to form a three-storey perimeter which holds both the public and private collections
Study Trip: Exploring the Nouveau Stade de Bordeaux 
—Embedded into the landscape through its extensive use of columns, the stadium reflects the adjacent trees within the surrounding flat landscape, deliberately contrasting the homogeneity of Bordeaux’s historic centre and aspiring for a sense of openness and accessibility. The grand stair blurs the lines between the boundaries of interior and exterior
Study Trip: Sarajevo's eclectic communist era housing 
—Standing out in the otherwise muted historic cityscape of old Sarajevo, this postmodernist building was the home of refugees and squatters during the civil war. The dwellings at Papagajka are laid out around a tall and narrow atrium courtyard. The entire ground floor plan is taken up by dual aspect retail and cafes, which activate and connect the courtyard and street, while informal nooks with seating and planters built into the balustrades of the access decks create a feeling of inhabitation and encourage use of the communal space
Study Trip: Exploring Peter Salter’s Walmer Yard 
—The luxurious use of form and materiality gives rise to an exciting and unique space in this tight urban site
On Site: Knights Park moving image studio 
—One of the new moving image studios recently handed over at Kingston School of Art. A re-configured layout makes more efficient use of the existing double height volume at the centre of the building, enabling an expansion of studio provision. An infinity cove and technical grid complete a comprehensive upgrade to these facilities which, like all the workshops within the school, are held in common for all academic courses to access
In Progress: Offsite Fabrication 
—Production of our innovative family homes in Liverpool has started in the factory, based at HMP Hindley. The houses will be assembled on site in approximately 12 hours per unit from pre-fabricated externally finished cassette panels