Bridge Theatre Light Fitting, 2017

copper pendant

The Bridge light, developed with the Static Light Company, forms part of an installation of around 600 fittings suspended at varying heights which bring warmth and drama to the Bridge Theatre’s entrance and foyer spaces, creating a strong visual presence that is visible from the adjacent riverside. The theatre was committed to LED fittings for energy-use and sustainability reasons. These tend to emit a white light which we counteracted by cloaking the bulb in a shimmering warm diffuser. The fitting has a machine-turned central brass body and dimmable lamp wrapped in a fine copper mesh. The assembly is clearly expressed with a single copper wire coil tightening the mesh wrap around the body of the lamp. They are hand-finished with a traditional ‘handkerchief’ fold and the wrap is hand crumpled to provide a sculptural effect. These light fittings are available to purchase, please email [email protected] to discuss your requirements.

light source





small 300mm x 150mm x 60mm/large 420mm x 150mm x 60mm


static light company/haworth tompkins

photo credit

Philip Vile


[email protected]