Battersea Arts Centre Light Fitting, 2018

silicone light fitting

Haworth Tompkins have collaborated with Rob McIntyre to design a pendant light for the renovated Battersea Arts Centre. Soft silicone light shades protect the fragile bulbs from knocks and bumps as stage sets and arts equipment are carried back and forth. The pigmented shades allow the fitting to camouflage into the colours and textures of the walls and ceilings until lit, when they reveal themselves with a warm golden colour flooding their bubble-filled translucent shells with light. The fire that swept through the Battersea Arts Centre Grand Hall in 2015 caused the previous lights to melt in the blaze, and the design of these pendant lights reference this, providing protective cushions for their interiors, that are subdued, versatile and playful all at once.




Haworth tompkins/rob mcintyre

photo credit

Fred Howarth