Performing Arts

publication looking at our approach to Performing Arts work

We have been immersed in thinking about, talking about, designing and experiencing performing arts buildings for three decades now, working with many of the world’s most influential show makers. We are regularly named amongst the most experienced and influential theatre architects currently practicing. Our explorations have ranged from developing ideas of increased porosity, accessibility and welcome of front of house, to the potency of provisional or temporary performance space, to high density adaptive auditoria, through to civilised dressing rooms and publicly engaging production workshops.

All are driven by an overarching mission to rewire our thinking around sustainability, well-being and regenerative design. We work best in collaborative relationships: with clients, with artists; and with innovative suppliers. Our experience has helped us to understand that designing a performance space, whether large or small, retrofitting or building new, is a creative relationship that can be transformative for us all. This publication explores our approach to Performing Arts work.