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innovative family homes for Liverpool, made offsite with customisable features

Baycliff Road is a modular terrace housing project designed for Osco Homes, providing 19 three-bedroom homes in the suburbs of Liverpool. The innovative ‘kit of parts’ units have a standardised core with interchangeable plan and elevation options. The houses are to be manufactured offsite as pre-fabricated externally finished cassette panels, which are assembled on site, taking approximately 12 hours per unit. This process not only helps to reduce waste compared with a traditionally built project, but also the impact on the surrounding area, for example by reducing the number of workers onsite and decreasing deliveries.

An offsite approach enables Osco Homes to work with employees with a wider skill range, creating opportunities for those that are distant from the labour market and supporting them through to full time employment. The factory for this project is currently situated in HM Prison Hindley, where during the last year of their sentence a number of men are upskilled and supported through their transition of leaving prison, with the aim of eventually being offered full time employment.


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