Venice Biennale
INHABITABLE MODELS presents the work of three practices - Eric Parry Architects, Haworth Tompkins, Lynch Architects - exploring fragments of three distinct areas of London.

Seven panels from the front of the Young Vic Theatre have been temporarily removed and shipped to Venice, including original artwork by Clem Crosby, to form a 1:1 representation of the building in an exhibition context. This is the first time an existing building has been partially deconstructed to be displayed during the Biennale. Behind this facade, Haworth Tompkins have created a cross-section of artists who inspire their work; from the provisional nature of contemporary theatre companies such as Punchdrunk and Shunt to the working methods of contemporary artists such as Zoe Leonard's tracing of the layered, quirky beauty of overlooked urban spaces, to Dan Graham's observations on New Jersey.

IIn the midst of this, artist Jake Tilson has collected ephemera and the junk of the everyday reality of The Cut, home of the Young Vic Theatre, to illustrate how the texture of urban life can be appropriated into a meaningful and vibrant architecture.
Contract Details


Address: Venice Biennale
Completion Date: August 2012
Contractor: Lars Wagner
Artist Collaboration: The Young Vic, Clem Crosby, Jake Tilson and ScanLAB Projects
Film: Sue Barr and David Heathcote
Dramaturg: Zoe Svendsen
Photographer: Andy Chopping
Academic: Juliet Rufford
Links and Videos

Haworth Tompkins at Venice Biennale
The Young Vic by ScanLAB Projects