Park View School
Park View School is a collage of buildings dating from the 60s, with various extensions added over the years. Many of the buildings were in poor condition and suffered from dangerous overcrowding in the corridors. Haworth Tompkins were selected to provide a site wide masterplan for the school to create an environment that matched the school's academic achievements.

A new circulation spine has been inserted into the heart of the school's campus, leading from the entrance through to a central courtyard, connecting the many disparate elements. This previously unused courtyard has been transformed by the larch clad covered walkways to create a sheltered collegiate atmosphere, a shared amenity that can be used to meet, reflect, study and dine.

“Features such as the magnificent
4-court sports hall, the panoramic quad area and the striking and original external walkways have impressed visitors and delighted
staff and pupils. “

Hardeep Saini, Principal
Internally, the narrow corridors have been broken up to enable the circulation areas to expand, creating breakout areas to reduce congestion, increase passive supervision and allowing daylight into the space. All classrooms have been re-configured to aid modern teaching techniques with new services coordinated throughout.

New extensions have been constructed to complete the assembly. The timber lined sports hall provides opportunities to participate in a variety of sports and naturally lit from a translucent band of clerestory polycarbonate.
Contract Details

Birmingham Schools Framework

Address: Park View Secondary School, Birmingham
Completion Date: June 2012
Project Cost: £8M
Client: Lend Lease
Contractor: Lend Lease
Structural Engineer: Nolan Associates
Service Engineer: Hulley & Kirkwood Ltd
Quantity Surveyor: Wood & Weir Ltd
CDM Coordinator: Lend Lease
Landscape Architect: Fira