Mummery + Schnelle
Andrew Mummery and Wolfram Schnelle approached Haworth Tompkins to design a new gallery for them on Great Titchfield Street in central London. The gallery located on the ground floor of a former Victorian print works exhibits work by young international contemporary artists such as Carol Rhodes, Zebedee Jones, Ori Gerhst and Merlin James. The Gallery was keen that the space reflected a conscious move away from the ascetic 'white cube' environment of many contemporary galleries and provided a more accessible and engaging space.

“We found great architects who we could work with and we were very lucky because we had just one month to do all the changes and our architects did the job perfectly, they were on top of it all the time - it was just in time, I was waiting for the problems to happen but nothing major happened. ”

Wolfram Schnelle, Mummery + Schnelle
An important aspect of this was retaining elements of the existing as found material; much of the brickwork was left exposed, the existing timber floor was renovated, stained and re-used for the main gallery space, and an unusual Victorian cast iron and concrete floor structure was revealed to form the floor of the private viewing gallery and office against which the new hanging surfaces were placed.

The brief called for a flexible exhibition space capable of being blacked out for video installation, an office linked to a private viewing room, and a large storage area for artwork. The budget was extremely tight and the project had to be completed in a very short space of time from inception to completion, with a 5-week contract on site.
Contract Details

Mummery + Schnelle Gallery

Address: 83 Great Titchfield Street, London
Completion Date: 2007
Construction Cost: £55,000
Client: Mummery + Schnelle
Contractor: Blackwell Projects